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The Main Characters

Sergius is a thirty-something year old Russian refuge who lives in the basement of the Vatican. Why he is seeking sanctuary or how he got there is suspect, but everyone agrees that Sergi can't possibly be completely human.

Officially, he acts as the librarian and his only friend is the Bishop and the hundreds of tomes he watches over. Other than these few concrete facts nothing is known about him. He is snide, sarcastic, and can be downright cruel and sadistic.

The current rumors floating around the Vatican are that: a) he eats babies b) he is a vampire and sleeps in a coffin c) he will sneak into your dreams at night and devour your soul and d) that he killed the last person who borrowed a book and then returned it to the wrong section. Only one of the above is true.

Garter is as Garter does. He may seem like a bit of an air-head at times, but when the order comes down and there is a creature to hunt Garter is the man you want to turn to. And don't let his age fool you-- he may be10 years Sergius' junior, but Garter knows his way around a fight.

His skills place him easily within the top five hunters at the Vatican and he has a phenomenal success rate. It makes one wonder, then, why he keeps getting stuck with bottom of the barrel jobs. Or why his name is whispered with such disgust among others of his profession.

When he isn't killing things, Garter tries to be incredibly social and wears all of his emotions on his sleeve. He is an all-round good guy (even with the bit of a hero-complex he has developed) and could be anyone's BFF if you ignore the black cloud that seems to follow him.
Too bad Garter is stuck with such a loser partner.

Supporting Characters

The Bishop
A kindly old man who oversees the Vatican's division of Hunters and Aides. He is the only person who enjoys spending time with Sergius and can often be found lunching in the library.

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