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How often do you update?

Both Cerulean and Mal are Uni students and, so are slaves to whatever scholastic projects are being forced upon them at the time. We promise that we will try to update more than once in a blue moon! graduates! Yeay! So what does this mean for you guys? Lots more content, lots more pages, and... probably... lots more suggestive art.

Who does what?

Cerulean is the artist, without whom this whole thing would not be possible. Mal is, essentially, a troll who comes out of her cave once in a while to write some scripting for the comic and maintain the website.

How did this come about?

The comic was originally a plot-what-plot thing they we were working on to get rid of writers block. Incidentally, it turned into the only story that we have WITH plot. Go figure.

Yaoi? BL? Gay?

Maybe. :)

Can we send you fanstuffs?

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! Ahem... Yes. Both CRT and Mal are highly appreciative of fanstuffs. They act like bribes incentives to keep us working. You can send any fanstuff to:

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